Let’s talk about altered MTG cards!

Some players are happy playing with regular versions of cards, while others like to fill their decks with foils and promos. Then there are those who take it to the next level and get their cards altered!

There are all types of different alters, from simple border extensions, to full card extensions, and even unique changes to the entirety of the cards. Some individuals even make a living off of altering cards


Klug Alters - http://f2fgam.es/KlugAlters

Bigup Alters - http://f2fgam.es/BigupAlters

Cardkitty - http://f2fgam.es/Cardkitty

Sandreline Alters - http://f2fgam.es/SandrelineAlters

Dewil Alters - http://f2fgam.es/DewilAlters


Do you have a favorite alterer? Do you prefer certain types of alters over others? Do you love or hate altered cards?

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